Here you can see what's planned for the next releases of the GW Team Builder. This roadmap is not static and may undergo changes. It should give you an idea what I'm working on, and answer some of the frequent "will there be..." questions ;-)

Planned for 1.1.0-Beta

  • update of the skill database
  • include GW:EN icons
  • make colors of the program interface configurable (color themes)
  • the campaign filter now also affects the preset lists (like "For selected player" or "Warrior skills")
  • the skill filter menu has a new option to open the skill search or recall the last search result
  • improved access to the import/export functions in the player menu
  • a lot of internal / "invisible" changes

Planned for 1.1.0 Final

  • hold a community contest (and vote) for the best color theme, which will become the new standard
  • complete German skill translations (ok, you're probably not too interested in this ;-) )
  • make the skill database updateable independently of the main program

Planned for 1.1.x

  • include PvE skills and icons
  • add new option to turn PvE skills on/off
  • if desired by the community, add a color theme switcher
  • add an offline attribute editor (edit, load/save, import/export as template)

Planned for 1.2.x

  • online editing of attributes?