Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There is no "full" English FAQ yet, as there simply haven't been frequent questions from the english users yet. However, I will translate some of the German topics over time.


I read that Arena.Net does not allow the use of "Third-Party Tools". Isn't the Team Builder such a tool, and therefore forbidden?

Martin Kerstein, the German community coordinator, was so kind to clarify this in a thread on a big German fansite. He explicitly stated that the Team Builder is perfectly alright from Arena.Nets point of view and does in no way violate the Guild Wars terms of use. He explained that forbidden third party tools are those who actively alter or automate the game flow, or modify the network traffic of the game. (See the link for the original statement.)


Can I link to this website, or to the download?

Of course. :-) However, if you want to provide a link for the download, please link to the download page and not to the exe (or zip) file - this way, the link will continue to work when a new version comes out.

Can I run my own server?

At the time being, no. It might become possible in the future, but there is nothing planned so far.