Version History

Here you can see what has changed between releases. The list goes from the latest to the oldest version.

Version 0.8.3 (2007-08-19)

(coming soon)

Version 0.8.2 (2007-06-03)

(coming soon)

Version 0.8.1 (2007-02-20)

  • added "search in all languages" feature to skill name search
  • improved campaign selection, which is also saved automatically
  • added new skill sorting options (by cost, activation, and recharge)
  • skill values are now shown in fixed columns in the skill list
  • added gwbbcode export for team builds
  • made the drop-down lists in the skill search window translateable
  • restructured the player build popup menu
  • added the convenience options "clear all skills for player" and "clear this player assignment"
  • added the attribute range 0..15 to the skill calculator
  • added safeguard against accidental right-clicking in the build
  • fixed a bug where loading a gw template with no secondary class would cause problems
  • changed the installation structure, completely removing the starter exe
  • added automatic error logging (ErrorLog.txt)
  • created a default sub-folder "builds" in ".gwteambuilder"
  • moved desktop integration features (launch web & system browsers) into a separate package
  • updated the "condition" skill categories (burning, crippled, dazed, ...)
  • update of skill database

Version 0.8.0 (2007-06-01)

  • added a button to return to the main perspective
  • made "load into main window / channel" work
  • added saving of Guild Wars Templates
  • re-enabled skill filter "for selected player"
  • added a (hideable) note to "Save GW Template" about GW's behaviour on new templates
  • added a popup menu with "edit skill online" option to skill info area
  • improved the launcher exe: now multiple java (jre) versions can be specified
  • improved the launcher exe: command-line arguments are passed through now
  • improved the chat log area (autoscroll, copy-and-paste works etc)
  • empty chat lines are ignored now
  • removed skill category "elite skills" (obsoleted by skill search)
  • data: fixed displayed attribute for resurrection signet
  • data: changed the "unmatched value" marker from "{..}" to "..(?)"

Version 0.8.0-Beta (2006-11-12)

  • major rework of the GUI structure
  • added a build browser
  • added an embedded chat feature
  • in the server connection dialog, pressing return in a text field
    now starts the connection, too
  • further improved startup speed of the first server connection

Version 0.6.6 (2006-10-04)

  • included skill data changes from the 2006/09/14 balance update
  • new feature: the current build is now "frozen" at the moment the
    user clicks on "save build". this means that when in online mode,
    the build is no more affected by later changes from other users
    in the same channel.
  • the skill name field of the skill search window is now cleared on open
  • some visual changes (some window backgrounds; added icons to "connect" and "disconnect" buttons)
  • fixed a bug where the skill data box would not switch its language
    when the language button was pressed
  • fixed some german translations
  • minor additions to the skill categories
  • lots of internal changes and preparations

Version 0.6.4 (2006-08-11)

  • added skill updates from the 2006-Jul-13 update
  • reworked large parts of the network code
  • fixed several German skill descriptions and names
  • added a popup window when the server connection is lost
  • added better user feedback if the server is unreachable
  • added option to save the channel password
  • added keyboard shortcut (alt-o) for "open server window", so
    a quick-connect can now be done by pressing alt-o three times
  • removed an error message on closing the program
    after connecting to an unreachable server

Version 0.6.2 (2006-07-05)

  • New Feature: added extended skill search
  • New Feature: added "copy/move player build" feature
  • Improved: the last directories for build files and exported screenshots are now stored separately
  • Improved: all file dialogs have separate and localized titles now
  • Improved: new skill category: "Corpse Exploit"
  • Fixed: fixed German translations for "Communing", "Binding Ritual", "Fire Trap" and "Soothing"
  • Fixed: fixed minor category issues
  • Improved: updated skill data after balance update (2006-June-1)
  • Improved: added new skill icons from the official pack

Version 0.6.0 (2006-05-26)

  • New Feature: added "Check for Updates" feature
  • New Feature: added "About" info, "Quick Info / Kurzanleitung" and "Visit Homepage"
  • New Feature: added legacy skill name mapping
  • Improved: improved HTML window look and behaviour
  • Improved: improved parsing of HTML server messages (embedded size tags)
  • Improved: improved error messages (line breaks)
  • Fixed: fixed a minor bug in the random starting build creation (duplicate res sig)
  • Improved: added the last missing skill icons
  • Improved: vastly improved skill database and categories

Version 0.6.0 Beta2 (2006-05-21)

  • Improved: added translations for new spell types ("ward spell", "well spell", ...)
  • Improved: added translations for campaign categories (base, prophecies, factions)
  • Improved: improved random starting build creation
  • Improved: checked and fixed some skill types in the database
  • Improved: improved skill values and english descriptions
  • Improved: improved skill categories
  • Fixed: fixed a bug where loading build files with filenames containing special characters (like German umlauts) would fail
  • Fixed: fixed a minor bug where no name could be assigned for the first row in server mode
  • Fixed: added a workaround for Java bug 6209673, which should fix the "grey window" problem when switching between Team Builder and Guild Wars running at different screen resolutions
  • Fixed: fixed icons for some skills that were renamed since the factions preview event (Exhausting Assault, Leaping Mantis Sting)

Version 0.6.0 Beta1 (2006-05-11)

  • Improved: completely reworked the network protocol and code
  • New Feature: added client ping sending
  • New Feature: added html message box capability (by server command)
  • New Feature: added skill data and classes for factions
  • New Feature: added provisional skill icons for factions
  • Improved: added randomized starting build generation
  • New Feature: server: added ping timeout checking
  • Improved: server: improved logging output

Version 0.5.1 (unpublished)

  • Improved: started transition to new network code (with protocol 1)
  • Improved: added cancel feature to connect screen
  • Improved: made gui not hang on stalled connection
  • Fixed: made sure i/o streams are closed when loading and saving builds
  • New Feature: added output of system information on error or command-line switch

Version 0.5.0 (2006-04-23)

  • New Feature: added new feature "skill value calculator", which allows the user to select the attribute level of the values shown in skill descriptions
  • New Feature: added file type filters to open and save dialogs
  • New Feature: added "assign to yourself" and "clear all assignments" options
  • New Feature: added automatic "clear player assignments" option when a team build is loaded
  • New Feature: added command-line option to print system information
  • Improved: changed file format and extensions for team and player build files; the file format is now xml, and the extensions are .gtb and .gpb, respectively
  • Improved: improved application startup speed
  • Improved: improved skill category list
  • Improved: improved skill database (fixed some descriptions and value levels)
  • Improved: fixed german translation of "Elementalist"

Version 0.4.1 (2006-04-08)

  • New Feature: localized class names, skill types, attributes and value descriptions
  • New Feature: added player build check for duplicate skills or more than one elite
  • Improved: made "copy to clipboard" use localization
  • Improved: improved category list: added Smite Hex, Mind Freeze, Ward Against Foes, Mantra of Recall, Ether Prodigy, Ether Renewal
  • Improved: fixed swapped icons for "Mantra of Signets" and "Mantra of Inscriptions"
  • Improved: fixed german translation for "Charm Animal", "Feral Lunge" and "Hammer Bash"

Version 0.4.0 (2006-03-29) (first public release)

  • New Feature: added info screens for copyright and server usage
  • Improved: made loading of stored user settings more robust
  • Improved: renamed the application to "GW Team Builder"
  • Improved: improved the "screenshot" icon
  • Improved: "connected/disconnected" is now shown by different server icons
  • Improved: improved the "quick intro" text in the bottom area
  • Improved: skills beginning with a quote (") are now sorted as if they weren't
  • Improved: german "umlauts" are now sorted like their non-umlaut counterparts
  • Improved: made language selection persistent
  • New Feature: added sanitizing of nickname and channel name
  • Improved: auto-inserting of nickname ("GuestXXX") is now visible in connect dialog
  • Fixed: fixed a bug where closing the connect dialog could cause a connect attempt
  • Fixed: fixed a bug with "export to clipboard" on a player while there are empty slots
  • Improved: minor GUI changes
  • Improved: made server connect message more detailed
  • Improved: entering a channel name is now mandatory
  • Improved: client/server: changed format of transmitted client version string
  • New Feature: server: added admin broadcast feature
  • New Feature: server: added user limits
  • Improved: server: improved user & log messages
  • Improved: server: added run-time (re)loading of parameters
  • Improved: server: added automatic client update notification

Version 0.3.3 (2006-03-16)

  • New Feature: added skill sorting options
  • New Feature: added modal message windows with "don't show again" option
  • Improved: extended network protocol (for "critical" feedback messages)
  • Improved: made the client disconnect gracefully on GUI shutdown
  • Improved: extended categories list (category "slowdown")
  • Improved: client/server: improved handling of connection closedown
  • New Feature: server: added basic administration interface

Version 0.3.2 (2006-03-05)

  • Improved: updated skill data after the 2006-03-03 update
  • Improved: set alphabetical ordering for skill selection list, instead of by attribute
  • Fixed: fixed bug with "skills for selected player" and no player selection

Version 0.3.1 (2006-03-02)

  • New Feature: added localization for skill names and descriptions
  • New Feature: added localization data for locale "de"
  • New Feature: added base code for settings persistence
  • New Feature: added persistent settings: server nickname/channel, last open/save path
  • New Feature: added feature "copy player build to clipboard"
  • Improved: improved categories list

Version 0.3.0 (2006-02-23)

  • New Feature: added feature "load/save player builds"
  • New Feature: added server persistence for player assignments
  • New Feature: added default entries for nickname and channel

Version 0.3.0 beta5

  • New Feature: added server channels (with password check and auto-delete)
  • New Feature: added code for password authentication
  • New Feature: added "assign player name" feature
  • New Feature: added new icons for menu bar
  • New Feature: added detail information to skill selection list
  • Improved: replaced yellow elite skill background with graphical overlay
  • New Feature: added server log
  • New Feature: added login window
  • Improved: extended & improved network protocol

Version 0.3.0 beta4

  • New Feature: added build persistence to server
  • Improved: extended network protocol
  • Improved: refactored MainWindow out of DisplayManager
  • Improved: added hash table for name->skill lookups, as these are more frequent now
  • Improved: added second server that is tried if first server is unreachable
  • Improved: enabled the client-side connection manager to send status messages
  • New Feature: added button to menu bar that opens the selection list menu
  • New Feature: added warning message before connecting that the current build will be lost
  • Fixed: made skill descriptions non-editable

Version 0.3.0 beta3 (2006-02-19)

  • New Feature: added basic client/server link for team editing
  • New Feature: added client/server encryption
  • New Feature: added basic server implementation

Version 0.2.3b (2006-02-14)

  • Improved: prevented screenshots from getting bigger when the window is enlarged

Version 0.2.3 (2006-02-14)

  • New Feature: new feature: copy build to clipboard
  • Improved: internal refactorings & preparations
  • Improved: small improvements to categories

Version 0.2.2 (2006-02-12)

  • Improved: changed screenshot file format from PNG to JPG
  • Fixed: fixed a bug where saving would fail when there are empty skill slots
  • Fixed: fixed a bug where the skill table would expand its columns
  • (for example, when saving a screenshot when there is no selection)
  • Fixed: fixed a bug with right-button clicks on player class list
  • Fixed: fixed bug with visual updates of player class list
  • New Feature: added skill selection filter: skill types
  • Improved: moved skill categories to a sub-menu
  • Improved: internal refactorings

Version 0.2.1 (2006-02-12)

  • New Feature: new feature: save skills as image
  • Improved: improved skill categories
  • Improved: changed background color

Version 0.2.0 (2006-02-11)

  • New Feature: added main menu bar
  • New Feature: new features: clear, save, load
  • Improved: set initial state of skill list to "all skills"
  • Improved: improved skill categories

Version 0.1.0 (2006-02-10)

  • first prototype release